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About Us :

We manufacture all kind of customised plastic products and plastic mouldings with competitive prices by methods of Extrusion (PE, PP), Blow Moulding (PE, PP, PET, PVC) and precision Injection Moulding (ABS, AS, Nylon, PA, PE, PP, HIPS, PS). Our in-house own products are Multipurpose Sprayer Bottles, Liquid Dispensing Pumps, Tooth Brushes, Fine Mist Sprayers, Cotton Buds and also food, pharmaceutical and industrial bottles and container

PT. MITRA TANAMAS is a relatively young and enthusiastic company manufacturing rigid plastic packaging products and located in Tangerang, approximately 30 kilometers west of Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia. It is a member of TANAMAS GROUP which has its core business steel industry for more than three decades and has been regarded nationally as one of the successful company in steel industry with current annual turnover in excess of US$ 10 million.

Since the establishment of company in December 1991 and the actual commencement of production in May 1993, Mitra Tanamas has invested capital of US$ 3 million and has more than 100 employees consisting of management, marketing, technical/production assembly, maintenance and administration staff.

Mitra Tanamas has been recognized as one of the leading manufacturer of plastic products specialized- in Sprayer Bottles, Dispensing Pumps, Tooth Brushes, Cotton Buds, Drinking Straws and has been listed as exporter of plastic products in all Trade Attaches of Indonesian Consulates and Embassies around the world.

The company activities involve in : manufacturing various plastic products by method of Injection moulding, Blow moulding and Extrusion processes with present monthly production capacities of 50 metric tonnes; importing some spare parts or components and semi-finished products for local assembly; and exporting some of the finished products to overseas.

In additions, to support the local industries, the company has also been commissioned to receive Contract Orders or OEM for plastic Injection, Extrusion and Blowing products as part of its service.

The trademark of our company’s own products has been Sprayer Bottles and Dispensing Pumps for household, hair care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and industrial uses.

Our Multipurpose Sprayers (Sprayer Bottles) have been widely used domestically with our house brand “TOP GUN” (1994) and “ALVINA” (1996 ) and have been successful in the market since they were first launched in January 1994. Currently, these Sprayers occupy top three position in domestic market.

Our Drinking Straws “SIPA” (1994) with both straight (including the Bubble Tea Straws) & flexible types and multicolour have been recognized by the local and well established hotels and restaurants , franchised outlets, pubs, bakeries, cafes and other well known food establishments. With the monthly output of average 50,000,000 pcs of straws {30 metric tonnes of plastics), we are able to provide prompt service of delivery to all customers.

Since 2008, the company had an optimism that there was increasing demand of plastic packaging through commisioned/contract (Fob) orders, and we have invested l(one) unit injection moulding machine and 1 (one) unit of plastic extrusion machine into existing production plant to anticipate and fulfill the increasing market demand.

With a build-up area of 4,032 square meters on 1,35 hectares of land, the Company looks ahead for future expansion by increasing number of machineries, product range, production capacities and more importantly efficient service to its customers.

The company has a policy in committing to excellent Quality products, Service and Competitiveness. With these objectives, PT. MITRA TANAMAS concentrates on building long term relationships of mutual benefit with its customers.